Ed Retzer

The Beginning of Retzology

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Sports Massage Techniques, NeuroMuscular Unwinding, Trigger Point Therapy, Structural Integration, Advanced Somatics (Awareness through Movement), Applied and Clinical Kinesiology & Myofacial Release.

June 1979 I was selected in the 25th round of the Major League Baseball Draft by the Oakland A's Baseball Club. Hardly a round to be considered a major league prospect, but certainly an opportunity for me to follow a dream! Little did I know that my very first day as a Professional Baseball Pitcher would be the defining moment in finding my purpose in life... I reported to the A's Class AA affiliate in Waterbury, Conn. on June 12th 1979 where I met the A's organization Pitching Coach, Jim Perry. Coach Perry had me throw a few pitches in the bullpen that first day, and after about 20 pitches, he looked at me and said "Son, you have elbow problems". I certainly had elbow tenderness and Left SI Joint pain for my entire college career, so I told him that "once I warmed up and was given a few days rest in between starts, it loosened up and I was good to go!" He actually laughed at me and said "Son, we have 5 starters here already, you'll be in the bullen for awhile until we figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are, and right now your delivery is a major weakness!" "Son, if you continue to throw mechanically like you are now, your arm won't make it through the end of the summer season!" Damn it! The ink was not even dry on my contract, and I'm going to be damaged goods!

Coach Perry proceeded to show me how my left hip wasn't opening up enough, how my upper body, shoulder and arm were aways behind, playing catch up with my hips. I was not throwing Symmetrically. I was putting a lot of pressure on my left hip and unnecesary tension on my elbow. He corrected my pitching motion by changing Firing Patterns that I had learned and programmed in my youth. I didn't know I was doing it wrong, I was successful, I was a good pitcher, but now if I wanted to continue to follow my dream, I needed to learn new movement patterns! It was a long 3 weeks of reprogramming, but I finally got my body and mind to change firing patterns and create new beliefs for myself. I never had back or elbow strain patterns again. It was for this reason, a 25th round draft pick lasted 5 years as a utility pitcher in Major League Baseball, before calling it a career.

I have brought the lessons of Coach Perry to my practice as a sports massage therapist for over 23 years. I find that blending Somatic and Manual therapies works best, as each client is unique and has their own way of presenting and learning new ways to heal themselves. I am so grateful for Jim Perry and the A's Organization for the lessons learned that I now share with my clients.