"Our entire family benefits from Ed's "magical hands". From my 80+ year old mother-inlaw, to our 17 year old daughter who was a member of a USA u18 National Team last year. He can help anyone and everyone! His methods of treating the body as a whole and not just the area that you think is the problem, is paramount.
Ed's years of experience, and his extensive training of how multiple complex systems that make the body actually work, enable him to figure out the best way to get your body back to functioning correctly. His habit of showing your improved range of motion as he works on your range of motion, is a whole different world from the "Do you feel a little better?" with traditional therapists. His keen eye and adept hands, treat the physical aspect of your ailment along with the mental aspect, by asking thought-provoking questions to get a better understanding of his clients situation. This allows him to educate his client on how to listen to their body, and keep it as high functioning as possible.
Every time I see Ed, it's a learning experience for me. What he does just utterly amazes me, leaving me speechless at times! I can honestly say that every time we leave Ed's office, we are smiling and on a better path of living."