Experiencing The Body From Within

New Perspectives and a New Approach to your Health and Wellbeing
A Blending of Multiple Somatic and Manual Therapies to Recognize and Reverse Strain Patterns that Occur in Ones Body Due to Physical, Chemical and Emotional Traumas
One Can Expect Immediate Pain Relief and an Implementation of Specific Movements to Improve and Restore Balance in Your Body

It's Not About The Act Of "Doing" That Perpetuates Healing, It's The Awareness Of How We Are "Being" While We Are "Doing"
Ed Retzer

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"Retzology" is a Unique Blending of Multiple Somatic and Manual Techniques, to Recognize and Reverse Strain Patterns that Occur in Ones Body Due to Physical, Chemical and Emotional Traumas.

A Specialized Blending of:
  • Sports Massage Techniques
  • NeuroMuscular Unwinding
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Advanced Somatics (Awareness through Movement)
  • Structural Integration
  • Applied and Clinical Kinesiology
  • Myofacial Release
Structured to release you from your pain and help you to restore and improve balance in your body.

What Clients Are Saying

"Without Ed's marvelous work I would probably have given up skiing, running, and tennis by now!
You come out of his sessions with understanding and growth as well as healing." ... read more

Mason W. Client

"I have sought out Balanced Body for various muscular and neural ailments. Ed's knowledge of body mechanics has allowed me greater mobility and alleviated pain. I highly recommend!" ... read more

Jack P. Client

"I had severe pain on the right side of my neck, arm, hand and fingers. The doctors I saw weren't helping me. I was extremely disappointed... But then, I went to see Ed, and found relief. I couldn't be more thankful for him!" ... read more

Jacqueline T. Client

"My entire family benefits from Ed and Balanced Body! He treats the body as a whole and not just where you think the problem is. His extensive training and keen eye enables him to figure out the best way to get your body functioning correctly."
... read more

Suzanne K. Client

"My arm bothered me, my wrist felt weak and I had to wear a wrist brace. I asked Ed if he could work on me and I've been fine ever since! I no longer wear the brace and recommend Ed to everyone!" ... read more

MaryAnn B. Client

"My journey took me to the highest professional level of my sport and without the mindset I learned through Ed, achieving this would not have been possible." ... read more

Chris B. Professional Hockey Player

"Ed Retzer came highly recommended by athletes in the area. I am very active and I found that Ed's procedures and methods gave me better range of motion and a better overall feel." ... read more

"It's Possible"

You are Healed ... You are Wise ... You are Healthy.
It is Healed ... It is Done.
Literally Believing and Visualizing You are Healing
You Then See "This IS Possible".
It is Not Magic.

Magic is a Neurology ... Are you Conscious of What You're Directing it Towards?
Do you have a Level of Awareness Around Your Self Talk and Movements... So You Know the Effects They're Actually Taking On?
Imagine a World Where You Believed and Could Create Whatever You Wanted.
What Would You Do?
What Would You Create?

The Howling Dog

A passerby sees a dog sitting howling:
Passerby: "Why is your dog howling?"
Owner: "He's howling because he's sitting on a nail."
Passerby: "Why doesn't he move then?"
Owner: "Oh....It's not THAT bad yet."

Pain Depends on How Much Danger Your Brain "Thinks" You Are In...
Not How Much Danger You Are Really In!
~ Lorimer Moseley PHD

"Coffee With Ed"

A shifting of perspectives with "Coffee with Ed!" Informative group sessions that are packed with information and insightful learning of how to change our approach.

A blend of inspiring conversation and messages to help encourage shifts in our perceptions of what is possible.
You are Invited to Join In!
Sessions Beginning in the Fall!
Space is limited ...
Please call ahead to reserve your spot!
Call: 716-580-3649